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Stock brokers in Indian Market, this is your opportunity to register with FinSpot and avail of best trading services.

The securities business has become almost entirely about technology. And if your technology strategy is not sorted out, it simply will not work.

Today, even discount brokers offer full featured front ends, with information, news, analytics and charting capabilities. The next Million participants in India’s stock market have a variety of expectations from brokers. Some want clean, simple designs, some thrive on features and complexity. Can you give your customer everything they want, the way they want it?

Whether it is leveraging the opportunity of AI & ML, or managing continuously evolving security threats, are you ahead of the curve on the trends that impact you?

The business landscape is very different today - even your most active traders are paying much lesser than earlier. Many customers login daily, but only trade a few times a year. Most of your customers may be inactive, but login one fine day, due to some news or event. Can your systems scale cost effectively to handle these scenarios?

Clearly, technology can make or break your business.

Which is why you need FinSpot. We take care of running your technology, your infrastructure, in a way that simply works for you. No matter what the scale of your business, FinSpot has everything you need, at a price that works for you.

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FinSpot offers a comprehensive suite of solutions engineered for performance, reliability, scale and high-availability, designed to work seamlessly with each other.





Order Management System, supporting all Indian exchanges



Pre-trade & Real-time Risk management and Margin checking for all users



Interactive Trading Services accessible over APIs, with multi-tenancy support

Market Data Distribution


Bandwidth optimized delivery of market data, depth and analytics



Flexible full-featured front-ends for Desktop, Web & Mobile

Back Office*


Comprehensive Broker and DP Back Office functionality



Everything needed for regulatory reporting obligations

Customer On-boarding


Online KYC, In-person video verification, document submission

Wealth Management*


Multi-Asset class Portfolio management, with tax & return computation



Secure Authentication and Authorization with seamless SSO to all services.

Content Services


Fundamentals, Technicals, Historical prices, News, Messaging Forum, Analytics

Research Recommendations


Syndicated research & Recommendations from multiple providers

* On our road-map





FinSpot Trading Platform offers a secure and optimized Trading Terminal for CTCL , IBT and STWT users, registered with National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE). As an Approved Service Provider (ASP Vendor) for NSE, FinSpot provides a Non Neat Front end (NNF) that is compliant with NSE protocols. It supports all the segments offered by NSE, Equity, Futures and Options (NFO), Currency Derivatives (CDS) , and Securities Lending and Borrowing (SLBM).



FinSpot Trading Platform offers a secure and optimized Trading Terminal for all exchange segments supported on BSE: Equity, Futures and Options, and Currency Derivatives.



FinSpot Trading Platform offers a multi-tenanted, multi Exchange, SaaS based Order and Trade Management Solutions for Dealers and Retail Investors ( Web / Mobile Users). All Exchange/Segments available for trading in IFSC are supported on the platform. The platform is available on subscription basis with exchange compliant security and access protocols. The NSE International Exchange (NIE) and the India INX Exchange are presently supported on the platform. India International Bullion Exchange( IIBX) is under development.



FinSpot is all about flexibility. You tell us what you want, and chances are, we can accommodate your needs in a way that suits you perfectly.

Pick and choose the services relevant to you

Host on dedicated infrastructure or save money with our multi-tenanted hosting

Multiple pricing options – Flat fee, per user, based on usage, and even charged directly to end-user

Personalized front-ends: logo, branding and colours, and your choice of modules

And this is just the beginning. We will be coming up with many more features and benefits.



FinSpot comes from the same people that have designed and built one of India’s most widely used OMS and RMS platforms - for both Retail and Institutional trading. Our team has several hundred years of cumulative experience in securities markets technology.

We understand this business and it's technology challenges to work better alongside you in your business.


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